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IPv6 ready since 2010

PyroPeter's dynamic DNS service

At the moment, this is more a proof of concept then a production service.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or if you want to use my service, contact me (you will find contact information in the footer of this page).


If you miss features, contact me (see above).

Registration Process

Just contact me (see above).

Updating of A records using HTTP-GET

Let us assume the owner of wants to update

Using wget:

wget -O- --user=fred --password=424242424242424242== \

Wget won't output error pages, so you should use curl for debugging.

Using curl:

curl -ufred:42424242422424242424== \

At the moment you should not use this in a cronjob without checking if the IP really changed before sending the request. The CGI-script does not yet check this for itself, so every request will show up in my syslog (!) twice (bind messages).


I introduced this service in this blog post.